Just Another Day

With summer coming to a close, I get to look back at all the photos, all the smiles and all the memories. I know that everyday it not sunshine and rainbows. Adventures big and small have been crammed into a short time. With my friend and coworker Jackie off living in Wyoming, I think of her and her family. She picked up her kids, bought and RV and moved to be closer to her husband,. Shaun and Jackie are the most wonderful people I have ever met. Her kids are beyond amazing too.

Her and I planned to spend more time together but the time just flew by. With the last few weeks of my summer coming, I am so ready to pack in some great times with friends and family.  This week I was able to ride both horses, Jack (my 27 year old Morgan horse) had not been ridden in about a year. I was such a great feeling. My friend Paige and her daughter Lydia came and rode too. It was such a great feeling to see Lydia ride around Jack while my boyfriend, Jordan lead them to be safe. To see so many people that I care about with me and something that I love was so heartwarming. Then today we stopped by a friends new home and met their new puppy Jax. Jakob and Cassidy congratulations on your new home and family member. It was a pleasure to meet him.

Before the summer comes to an end Jordan and I will be taking one last trip. This may be one of the most important short trips we do. We will head to Wisconsin where his cabin is. I look forward to spending time outside and getting to explore a new place.


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