Just Another Day

With summer coming to a close, I get to look back at all the photos, all the smiles and all the memories. I know that everyday it not sunshine and rainbows. Adventures big and small have been crammed into a short time. With my friend and coworker Jackie off living in Wyoming, I think of … Continue reading Just Another Day


Final Video: “BELLECOUR” About: I debated many things for my final video project. I was going to do a video of my puppy but animals do not always cooperate they way you would like. Instead I chose Bellecour, a wonderful French inspired bistro and bakery. I Chose Bellecour due to their amazing atmosphere, food and staff. The … Continue reading Final Video: “BELLECOUR”

Funky Grits: Soul Inspired. Chef Driven.

Funky Grits started as an idea between several guys that worked in the food industry. It is now more than an idea. It is a passion, a dream and soon to be a success. Back in the fall of 2015 Jared Brewington and Jordan Carlson started chatting at work and Jared brought up the idea … Continue reading Funky Grits: Soul Inspired. Chef Driven.

The Wings that Carry Me

  From the moment I saw a horse I wanted one. I was fortunate enough to be baby sat by a family that has horses and was able to spend most of the time ridding up and down their driveway. Every birthday and holiday I asked for a pony, I wanted nothing more. It would … Continue reading The Wings that Carry Me